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Chris Hayes--Climate Genius

It really has been a bummer for the anthropogenic global warming alarmists that a ship of "scientists" and journalists, seeking to show the effect of global warming on the Antarctic since Mawson's deadly expedition a century ago, became stuck in the sea ice, in Summer, just off the coast of Antarctica. We alarmism deniers have been making fun of the true believers being mugged by a cold reality ever since. Lefties don't like to be mocked (who does, really).

So super genius of the barely watched MSNBC show All In, Chris Hayes, pens here a defense of the recently rescued. I am applying the word genius to Mr. Hayes in a non-serious way, but I would never call him stupid. He has a BA in philosophy from Brown, for Pete's sake. He, unfortunately, does not return the respect I give him and titles his minor treatise: The Right's Willful Stupidity on Climate Change. I doubt Mr. Hayes knows anything about global warming and climatology and the incredibly complexity of and the myriad, major questions associated with the theory of alarmist AGW, but he's not stupid. Unfortunately, he provides not a single scientific fact to support his name calling. Let's take a look.

The right wing had a field day, pointing and laughing at the global warming believers who, just to be clear, are only a group of scientists risking their lives for no monetary gain and little glory in order to help save the planet.

What scientists? Who there on the boat was a leading climatologist or paleoclimatologist? And how are they helping to save the planet by sailing to the Antarctic when hardly any sea ice at the coast had melted?  I am an auto-didact in climatology and paleoclimatology since 1978. I believe the Earth has warmed slightly in the past 140 years in part because of CO2, and the man made COadded by burning fossil fuel has added a tiny amount to the slight warming. I deny (and I can spend 45 minutes of a Powerpoint slide show on the subject), categorically, that there is anything alarming about the recent warming. I am supported by many of the World's top scientists in this belief, not the least of whom is Richard Lindzen at MIT who said basically what I believe here. Back to Hayes' attempt at argument.

Of course, no one ever said that climate change meant it wouldn't ever be cold.

Sure they did.

Hanson, et al., recently predicted a 30 degree C rise of temperature at the poles and a 20 degree C rise everywhere else, making the World uninhabitable for humans.

Senior research scientist at the CRU at East Anglia U., David Viner is infamous for saying in 2000 "Children just aren't going to know what snow is."

I won't bore you with the parade of worthless predictions based not on evidence but on hopelessly inadequate climate models. Let's jump back to super genius Mr. Hayes.
And yet, here we are. Because this willful stupidity is backed by a lot of money. A new report found that conservative groups spend up to $1 billion a year to fight action on climate change. $1 billion to cultivate a group of people who delight in being on the wrong side of history.

Wrong side of history? I'll post on the "new report" and its self contradictions and general worthlessness shortly. Back to boy genius Hayes

In 2006, 59% of Republicans believed that there is solid evidence the Earth is warming. A decade later, that number has dropped to just 50%. There is an entire industry that exists to feed its viewers and readers with contempt and ridicule for not only the basic science of climate change, but even for the people who toil in obscurity, risking their lives to avert genuine misery and disaster for millions of people, and that industry controls one of our two parties.

Part of the reason fewer people believe that there has been actual warming is because there hasn't been any actual warming since 1998. Others are learning about the many reasons to doubt the accuracy of the World's average temperature.

I've gone through the reasons climate change is anything but alarming ad nauseum; so let's end this with comments on the tone of the Hayes essay. It is entirely argumentum ad hominem. He does not seek to convince anyone of the rightness of his beliefs with facts in support. He does not credit the counterarguments of the alarmism deniers. He simply calls anyone who does not toe the "settled" line stupid and says they choose to be stupid. This is not argument at all but mere name calling. Genius Hayes, like many on the left, just can't help himself.



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