Monday, January 19, 2015


Yeah, Name One

The ecoblogs and ecosites are full of dire predictions about the number of animal and plant species going extinct each year. Of course these tree hugger organizations only exist in order to gin up concern for Nature so even natural rates of extinction would upset them. So there's that bias.

And the numbers vary. By a lot.

WWF says 10,000 species are going extinct each year. The Center for Biological Diversity says it's "literally" dozens per day. The National Geographic Society says its between "100 to 1,000 species lost per million [species] per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change."

They just have a lot of trouble naming any.

In fact, the International Union for Conservation of Nature says, "only one animal has been definitely identified as having gone extinct since 2000. It was a mollusk."

Here is a sobering number (for them) from the newspaper of record, the NYT. Here is the money quote:

Species began going extinct at a much faster pace. Over the past five centuries, researchers have recorded 514 animal extinctions on land. But the authors of the new study found that documented extinctions are far rarer in the ocean.
Before 1500, a few species of seabirds are known to have vanished. Since then, scientists have documented only 15 ocean extinctions, including animals such as the Caribbean monk seal and the Steller’s sea cow.
So that's a little over one per year. What about the other 9,998 and 1/2?

The real trouble is that we don't know how many species there are (or what is the natural rate of extinction, for that matter); so talking about a set percentage of loss of species by 2040 or 2100, for example, is nonsense.


Friday, January 16, 2015


Thought of the Day

Muslim terrorists slaughter 17 in Paris, and Obama responds vigorously:
Today, the President unveiled a new proposal: Make two years of community college free for responsible students across America.
Muslim terrorists in Nigeria plunder and pillage a village, killing hundreds, and Obama leaps to defend freedom:
President Obama has revealed that he will be pushing for the Healthy Families Act (which, given that it’s about paid sick leave, should be the Unhealthy Families Act, surely?) to become law.
Muslim terrorists in Syraq (or is it Iraqia?) post a video showing a child hacking off the heads of two prisoners, and Obama says no mas:
Yesterday, President Obama announced that he is challenging the federal government to remove all unnecessary regulatory barriers to broadband build-out and competition, and is establishing a new Broadband Opportunity Council. The council will bring together more than a dozen government agencies with the singular goal of speeding broadband deployment and improving access in areas that need it most.
It’s like he’s in a different movie. It’s one thing to not say the phrase “Muslim terrorists”, but to pretend that they’re not there? Setting aside any value in his proposals, aren’t they a little weird in context of daily headlines? Don’t they come from an alternate reality?

Bloodthristy Liberal


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Interesting French National Police Weaponry

Here are some photos of one of the weapons carried by the French National Police in the big Musulmanhunt a few days ago. At first I thought they carried the Little Brown Rifle* by Ruger, aka the Mini 14.

But on closer examination, I see they're carrying the Ruger AC556, a full auto version of the Mini 14.
The French have also upgraded the wooden stocks usually sold by Ruger. The gun is still in the awfully underpowered .223 (5.56mm on the continent) but it's cool that they're using American weapons.

Here's how you tell it's the AC556:

The little do hickey near the back end of the receiver (right above the trigger) on the top of the wooden stock.
That's a selector switch. Up (the position it's in now) is semi-auto. Halfway back is three shot burst. All the way back is full auto.
I have to say I like the uniforms too, with the plastic greaves and the retro looking shoulder upper arm overlapping plastic plates. Looks a little like Japanese armor.
* The Mini 14 is one of the weapons that reveals the assault weapon ban to be the sick joke it was. The Mini 14 uses the same rotating bolt as the M-1 Garand and the M-14, its superior cousin. It shoots .223 from removable box magazines of various capacity. Many use the dreaded thirty rounders. It has the same firepower as the AR 15 (and its lookalikes and progeny) but the Mini 14 has never been banned nationally and the only reason is that it has a wooden stock and looks therefore not as mean and military as the all plastic and steel ARs. That was the only difference between the banned and non-banned, how they looked. Pathetic.


Sunday, January 11, 2015


On Dallas' Play-off Fate

Live by the unbelievably bad call by the refs, die by the unbelievably bad call by the refs.

Go Packers.

That Karma is one tough mother, right?


Saturday, January 10, 2015


More Lefty Ignorance About Guns

Here is columnist Eugene Robinson, making sure to criticize America, as he comments moronically about the recent Muslim murder spree in Paris.

Here's the close enough transcript:

Just to keep it into perspective, I don't think we should imagine that the conditions and the threat are exactly the same in the United States as they are in France. They are different. In fact, one thing that is different here is weapons are universally available and so it is actually a very good thing that, that the tensions are not exactly the same because we would expect to have a lot more carnage. (Emphasis added).

Let's review what weapons the Muslim mass murderers used: Two full auto assault rifles, probably AK-74s, a pump shotgun (for close encounters) and a rocket propelled grenade launcher (probably a Soviet RPG-7, but accounts vary and it could have been an RPG 18 or 22).

There may be a few full auto AK-47s in the United States. For one to own one legally, it would have had to have been imported before 1968 and there were darned few AKs being captured by us before that time. The Russians had them, of course, but the other commie nations not so much. They became more common in Viet Nam after the import ban. So our "universally available" weaponry here in America would not likely have included full auto AKs. It is much easier for Europeans willing to break the strict gun laws that exist over there to obtain full auto AKs. It is the most produced assault rifle ever, with perhaps 100 million in existence; and they were the main weapon of the armed forces of the European countries behind the Iron Curtain and there are plenty still around. So, no, Mr. Robinson, the particular assault rifles used were much more "universally available" in Europe than here.

How about the RPG? Well, again, they are almost non-existent in the US but are all over the place in Europe. Although the RPG-7 was developed in 1961, the Soviets kept them pretty much exclusively in mother Russia for quite a while. Now they are as common as mice throughout Asia and Africa and Europe, but are not at all a common weapon here in the carnage-waiting-to-happen United States.

So no, blame America firsters, we wouldn't expect a lot more carnage here. Perhaps a non-Muslim terrorist citizen in France with a lawfully concealed carry weapon could have taken out the murderers before they entered the newspapers office. But there was no chance of that as there are no lawful citizen concealed carry permits in France. The French government forbids the public arming for self defense so the Parisian public was sheep to the Muslim terrorist wolves. How's that gun control legislation working out for you, mon ami?

And don't even get me started on the Gendarmes sans pistolet.

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Friday, January 09, 2015


Semper Reformanda

Old Liberal: I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.

New Liberal: If Muslims disagree with what you say, I will defend to your death their right to take offense.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Comparing Apples to Oranges

I ran across this article at über lefty Mother Jones. It cherry picks from long indictments of Japanese war criminals brought by us after WWII and says that we convicted Japanese soldiers of waterboarding but now, hypocritically, say waterboarding when we do it is not torture.

So I took a closer look at the descriptions of supposed "waterboarding" by the Japanese.

Remember that we take pains not to actually get water in the lungs of the people waterboarded, because that would be actually drowning them. We merely trigger a feeling of drowning by wet cloth over mouth and nose. We get water on the face and in the mouth and nose but that's as far as we go.
Let's go to the Mother Jones article.

The [war crimes] archive has multiple examples of the United States charging Japanese soldiers and prison guards with war crimes for waterboarding prisoners (often referred to as the "water cure" or the "water treatment")
But was what the Japanese did and called the water cure or the water treatment just like our waterboarding of captured Muslim terrorist more than a decade ago?

I think not. It takes a while for the Mother Jones writer to include an actual description of the Japanese methods.

When [Major Wyatt] refused to do [what the Japanese wanted], he was subjected to treatment known as the "water cure". The Japs forced him to swallow two or three gallons of water then jumped on his stomach, forcing he water out. His fingernails were torn out and vinegar poured on the wounds.

So the water cure described there is nothing at all like ours. We don't make the detainee swallow even a drop. We don't then force out large quantities of water from the stomach by jumping on the stomach and we certainly don't rip out fingernails. Except for the inclusion of water in both, the water cure described here has nothing whatsoever to do with our waterboarding.

And the water cure or treatment the Japanese used during the war was not at all a simulated drowning but more like real drowning with large amounts of water introduced into the lungs of the victim. One of the cited articles states:

...a description of the type of torture known as “the water treatment,” in which “the victim was bound or otherwise secured in a prone position; and water was forced through his mouth and nostrils into his lungs and stomach until he lost consciousness,”

And these cherry picked charges are not the only things the Japanese guards and soldiers were accused of. The indictments are long and full of horrible detail. Mother Jones pretends that these tidbits are the whole of the indictments. They are not.

Normal lefty journalism, however.



Recognizing the Bigger Problem

Here is a list of unarmed "people of color" killed by police or security guards in the past 15 years  in America. Many of them were not shot but died in a scuffle. The total for 15 years, 1999 through 2014, is 76, just over 5 per year.

Here are the stats for black murder victims in the United States from the FBI (2014 are not available):

2013    6261 black murder victims
2012    6454 black murder victims
2011    6329 black murder victims
2010    6470 black murder victims
2009    6556 black murder victims
2008    6782 black murder victims
2007    7316 black murder victims
2006    7421 black murder victims
2005    7125 black murder victims
2004    6632 black murder victims
2003    6887 black murder victims
2002    6730 black murder victims
2001    6446 black murder victims
2000    6193 black murder victims
1999    5855 black murder victims

Total  99,457 black murder victims

If we add in the probable 2014 statistics we're well over 100,000 in 15 years. Divide 100,000 by 75 and you get 1315.8. So a black person in the United States is 1,316 times more likely to be murdered  than they are, unarmed, to be killed by police or security guards. And of the 100,000 murder black murder victims, almost 96,000 were killed by other black Americans.

So, the protestors are silent on the everyday murders, over 18 per day, but are going ballistic about the extraordinarily rare, killed by police while black and unarmed, which occur on average once every 73 days.

Wow, some people's idea of a serious problem is completely out of whack.

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