Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Pure Projection

Here is some major drivel in The Week by a guy I don't recall ever reading before, Ryan Cooper, who apparently graduated from Reed College in 2008 with a BA in chemistry. It's titled: The Right's Deadly Anti-Semitism Problem.

Yeah, right.

First Idiocy:

As usual, people looked for motivating factors afterwards. In this case, they did not have to look far. The alleged killer was apparently obsessed with racist anti-refugee rhetoric and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories — things that are increasingly winked at, tolerated, and even promoted at the very highest levels of conservative politics, up to and including Fox News and President Trump.

He's talking about the recent awful shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, but what the F is he talking about? What racist anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are being tolerated or promoted by high level Republicans and Fox News and President Trump?

First and last example he gives: "...the racist hatred that conservative media and Republican politicians from Trump on down have been whipping up against the refugee caravan this month...

He does add the detail that several Republicans were talking about Soros being a source of money to help pay for the Central Americans long march/drive from Guatemala to San Diego. But just because Soros is ethnically Jewish doesn't make mentioning his name a racist anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Does our Reed College chemistry major know for a fact no Soros money is involved in the so called Caravan? He offers no evidence for such a belief in his piece.

Cooper says he thinks Soros is a sweetie pie with very reasonable slightly left leaning beliefs, so that refutes the conversation about who is funding the so called Caravan.

Here's a rational accusation he makes: "the "MAGABomber" attempted to blow up Soros' house..."  No he didn't. The "devices" had no possibility of blowing up. But it just goes on and on. Cooper is very long on making accusations, very short on backing them up with factual support. And criticizing the Catholics from Central America attempting to overwhelm our border and force entry has absolutely no connection to anti-Semitism. There's no connection whatsoever.

It is not at all difficult to show a thousand quotes from prominent Democrats criticizing the Jews who inhabit Israel. Writing out the quotes is not necessary, as the hatred of Jews by Democrats is well established and generally self evident, and I really don't have the time. OK, one. My source is the New York Times.

Since Cooper is sure that criticism is virulent racist anti-Semitism when Republicans do it, he must be sure it is virulent racist anti-Semitism when Democrats do the same thing, right?

Oh, wait. I forgot the basic magical tenet of the Democrats.

When a Republican criticizes someone, without advocating any violence towards him or her, that is invariably bigotry and hatred and the Republican often has Jedi Mind Trick powers that can cause people to do violence to the people the Republican criticizes.

When a Democrat actually advocates violence against someone, that's completely justified and nothing at all happens, ever. If there's violence, it's only what the individual perpetrator independently chose to do and there was nothing said by any Democrat that encouraged him or her to do it.

So, they got that going for them, which is nice.

Everyone knows the real political violence in the US is, as usual, coming from the left. One mass murder attempt against Republican Legislators on a baseball field. Nothing like that on the right. In California, a Republican running for Congress was attacked by a lefty with a knife. Nothing like that on the right. Approximately 15 conservative speakers have been violently prevented from speaking, usually on College campi, by lefty mobs since Trump won the Presidency. Nothing like that on the right. Approximately 20 people have been assaulted and injured in the streets by Antifa jerks in black. Nothing like that on the right (although some conservatives are physically defending themselves lately). About a half dozen Republican political offices have been vandalized. Nothing like that on the right.

I guess Mr. Cooper ain't been keeping up on current events.

UPDATE: Here is a clear-eyed comparison of what I'm talking about in this posting. It compares coverage of Hodgkinson to the coverage of Sayoc.


Friday, October 26, 2018


Not The Crowd We Were Hoping For

Here, in solidarity to the Central American and Mexican group intent on storming their way into the United States, are the three protesters outside the Centennial, CO ICE Headquarters. Not quite as big as the so-called caravan.

It's almost as if the middle protester was wondering, in body language, where is everybody?



Vote For Us, You Racist, Redneck, Jesus-Loving, Bitter Clinger, Deplorable Trash

I think these are real.

If I were a New Yorker, or a resident of any big city, I'd tend to temper my displeasure with Whites I hated by keeping in mind that they grow almost all the food. But that's probably just me.

(h/t this isn't happiness)


Friday, October 12, 2018


The Truth Will Set You Free

Isn't there some sort of legislation out there to combat abusive or oppressive monopolies?


Monday, October 08, 2018


Trump Misuses the System, Again

(h/t Small Dead Animals)


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