Thursday, November 07, 2013


Who Are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes?

Brian Beutler at Salon dives deep into delusional denial here. At least he acknowledges he's being petty. My summary:

Obama didn't lie about keeping your health care coverage, no matter what, period. OK, he might have lied but it was a noble lie (no such thing) and if you want to talk about lies, here are some lies:

1) Death Panels (not a lie but a good thing);

2) Obamacare is destroying the economy with part time employment and delayed recovery (not lies);

3) Obamacare will increase our already staggering debt (when it starts paying subsidies, it will); and,

4) Obamacare is a stalking horse for fully socialized medicine or at least single payer.

He then focuses laser-like on the socialized medicine lie. Brian thinks fully socialized medicine would be good, but he maintains that lying about keeping your health coverage, no matter what, period, was in its own bungled way an answer to this Republican "sophistry."


He goes on.

Pre-Obamacare is 80 to 90% preserved with Obamacare and he predicts that as the numbers come in Obama's lie will look much less lie-like than the Republicans' lie about socialized medicine. He then fantasizes about a press corps friendly to a Republican administration. (See, I told you he was deep in denial). Oh, and the Republican plans for health care insurance reform are an order of magnitude more disruptive than Obamacare. Right. Big finish:

Lying is bad. People shouldn’t lie. But on this score, just ask yourself whose descriptions of Obamacare were closer to reality: Obama’s or the Republican Party’s? It’s not even a close call.

True that.

I see the Republicans telling the truth again and again about how bad the ACA is and will continue to be and the Democrats telling lie after lie about how good it is and will be in the future. But I'm a Republican so in Brian's eyes I'm lying.


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