Saturday, October 26, 2013


Obama's L-shaped Recovery

The official unemployment figures are mere shadows, penumbras, if you will, of the misery of the masses who need work. Let's compare apples to apples and look at the percentage of the population actually employed during the Reagan and Obama recessions and the dissimilar recoveries from each recession.

Under Obama and the Democrat policies starting in '06, it is a valid question to ask, "What recovery?"
More of the recession Reagan inherited took place under Carter and the Democrat policies of '74 but it was worse than the Obama recession yet it has the V shape that generally outlines the boom and bust cycle of free markets.

Not now.

Elections have consequences.

In our particular case, election of Democrats has dire consequences.

It is a nearly natural phenomenon that the deeper the fall the more rapid the recovery. It takes a lot of effort to prevent that from happening.

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