Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Twists and Turns in the Amanda Knox Appeal

I guess I'll never understand Italian jurisprudence. English courts and English derived law, like ours here in America, does not usually allow the taking of evidence in an appeal, just an examination of the extant record for legal errors. Sometimes the convicted get to give "new evidence", that is evidence which was not reasonably available to the defendant at the trial which likely would have had a substantial effect on the trial's outcome.

But in Italy, they're getting even more forensic opinions (although Amanda and her also convicted boyfriend Sollecito presented just that sort of sniping evidence at the trial). The new forensic opinions seem to help Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito, now both just two years into their quarter century sentences.

However, here's something not so good for the couple. Rudy Guede, who was also convicted of murder and lost his appeals trial (where he claimed that he did not rape and murder the victim Ms. Meredith Kercher but said Ms. Knox and a man had). Tough to believe him when his DNA is inside the victim's private part. A convicted child killer, Mario Alessi, told the court that Guede told him that Knox and Sollecito were not at the apartment where the murder occurred when it occurred. Guede has denied he said that and yesterday letters were read written by Guede in which he blamed Knox and Sollecito.

That has to sting a little.

Here is the ever favorable to Amanda, recent coverage from CNN.

I'm now even more convinced that justice was done here (except for Guede only getting 16 years.


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