Thursday, December 17, 2009


Criticism of a Conservative Commenter

Here is a column by usually sober and reliable Matt Towery at Townhall. He thinks right cute Amanda Knox was not guilty of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, two years ago in Perugia, Italy. He blames Anti-American sentiment for her recent murder conviction. I suggest that he is blinded by pro-American (specifically Ms. Knox) chauvinism. In any case, he either is unaware of, or, worse, he consciously ignores the following evidence:

During interrogation by the police, Ms. Knox said that she could hear Ms. Kercher scream the night of the murder. After that Ms. Knox maintained that she was blocks and blocks away, at her boyfriend's apartment the night of the murder, doing what college students are wont to do, smoking dope, watching a movie and making love.
Ms. Knox's DNA, mixed with Kercher's blood, was found in the bathroom where Ms. Knox said she showered the morning after the murder.

Two bloody footprints, not DNA tested nor visible to the naked eye, but revealed through use of luminol, were consistent with Ms. Knox's right bare foot and were found just outside Ms. Knox's room and in the corridor outside Ms. Kercher's room.

There is a lot of DNA evidence and footprints in blood matching Ms. Knox's boyfriend, the also convicted Mr. Sollecito. If he was blocks away from the murder scene, with Ms. Knox, as she maintained throughout the trial, how could he leave his DNA and footprints in blood at the apartment where Ms. Kercher was murdered?

And there are these little tidbits. All three of the convicted murderers were stupid enough to keep prison diaries. When one of the two suspected murder weapons, a knife owned by Sollecito, and found in his apartment, was introduced into evidence with Ms. Kercher's DNA at the tip and Ms. Knox's DNA in the crease of the handle (evidence Towery at least mentions although he dismisses it as useless), Sollecito recalled in his diary "pricking" Ms. Kercher in the hand while cooking (No one believes this story and all the mutual acquaintences who testified deny there was any cooking by those two together, indeed, Ms. Kercher had never been to Sollecito's apartment). But that's not the weird part. Ms. Knox's response in her diary was to speculate that Sollecito did in fact rape and murder Ms. Kercher then returned with the knife to his apartment to retrieve her fingerprints, etc. while sleeping in order to implicate her.

Think about that latter diary entry for a while. Does it cause you to think Ms. Knox is innocent or guilty?

I have to say that I do not know enough about this case to be able to criticize the verdict. It was probably just, as most of them are, but I can neither get behind it 100% nor can I criticize it. Imagine the hubris it takes to have less knowledge than I do (apparently) and then opine that the verdict was unjust and that Amanda Knox is now doing hard time.

See, I can criticize those on the right when they are wrong. It's easy.


Roger...I need the login's been to mark.dunn.mail at gmail dot com.

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Roger. Roger, Roger, Roger.

You know better even than I, that we cannot evaluate the evidence from afar.

OK Mark. I'll email you.
T, I just mentioned some of the evidence Mr. Towery failed to mention. I came out on your side, namely we can't criticize the jury verdict from afar. Thanks for the comment though
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