Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Delusion is Spreading

In a nearly incoherent piece today at Yahoo News, cracked voiced liberal stalwart (and formerly usually somewhat reasonable) Susan Estrich joins the Dowd 'voices' crowd trying to insulate our fumbling President from further effective, deserved criticism by throwing out the race card. Liberally. Money quotes:
New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was right on Sunday when she said out loud what so many of us have been thinking. "Boy." That's the subtext here. I don't use the term lightly. Just because you disagree with someone who is black doesn't make you a racist. John McCain is not a racist. Cal Thomas is not a racist. Mike Huckabee is not a racist. These are men I know, whose integrity I respect, even if we disagree. But Joe Wilson? And others who shall remain nameless here, but you can easily fill in the blank?
What? When Maureen Dowd accused Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) of racism for pointing out a lie, the evidence for her accusation was a word only she heard in her head ("Boy"). Now Susan Estritch is admitting that she heard it in her head too, and so did a lot of other liberals, she says. Perhaps I'm being too literal, but the gist of her thought is clear. Republicans have a racial animus. The Democrats are hearing a racial epithet in their heads, it wasn't said or even implied, but we're the racists? Yeah, right.

Estrich gets back on the rational track when she says mere disagreement is not racism, but then she accuses Joe Wilson of being racist with a rhetorical device and says there are others, who are easily discerned. And her evidence? None stated. There is none, just base, invidious innuendo. But there are more nearly unhinged statements from Susan Estrich:
Obama has made mistakes. Every president does. But thousands of brave men and women died as a result of George W. Bush's mistakes, and no Democrat ever stood in the back of the Congress and attacked him as a liar during a joint session of Congress. Respect? Dignity? Integrity? Honor? These people have none.
What mistakes? Finishing Gulf War I properly? Freeing 26 million Iraqis from Hitler lite despot Saddam Hussein? Defeating a major al Qaeda franchise on the battlefield decisively? Proving to be a strong horse? What mistakes are you talking about?

Susan Estrich continues the delusion, evidenced by Ms. Dowd, that Democrats never disrespectfully called President Bush a liar. She, again like Ms. Dowd, limits the name calling in time and space to during a joint session, but where or when it happens is not a defense to calling the President, falsely, a liar. There is the same disrespect, the same lack of dignity, integrity and honor by such a false accusation. After all, Bush, like Obama and every other president, made a mistake, specifically about WMD. A mistake is not a lie; and it is a lie to turn a mistake into a knowing falsehood.

Liberals seem to be seeing a huge difference between one person yelling out the word 'lie' and many Democrats booing the President during the 2005 state of the union speech. There is too little difference between the yelling at the two speeches, vis a vis, respect, dignity, integrity and honor, for the minor difference to be any comfort the Democrats for their boorish behavior. And I extend that sort of behavior to the President himself during the joint session.

Projection--it is a cruel malady.


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