Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Evidence of Republican Racism

Here is an instructive posting by David Neiwert at the lefty site Crooks and Liars, which predates the racist voices in Maureen Dowd's head.

The bulk of support for David Neiwert's calling Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) a racist is that he is a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans and wanted to keep flying the Confederate Battle Flag near the capitol in Columbia, SC. That's pretty much it. Let's look closer at both those.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (no possibility of bias there) the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has been hijacked from a traditional roll of restoring Confederate graves and re-enacting battles into a neo-secessionist group. The Traditionalists are still predominant, but they are called Grannies by the hijackers, the Lunatics, who are well self named and number about 2000. Any guess as to which group inside the SCV Joe Wilson belongs? There's no mention of his specific affiliation in the Crooks and Liars report. The author perhaps hears voices in his head telling him that Joe Wilson is a Lunatic SCV member.

Then there's the flag. I have long concluded that the Confederate Battle Flag has become a racist symbol. A lot of people continue to think it is a symbol of the battle prowess of the southern troops during the Civil War, but the constant use of the flag by the KKK over the past hundred and forty years has morphed it into a symbol of racial intolerance. And who did that to the flag? Why, it was Democrats, who were the nearly exclusive members of the KKK during all the time it was an active political force, rather than the tiny, backwater, hateful detritus it is now.

So why did Joe Wilson want South Carolina to continue to fly the flag at the Confederate Soldier's monument? Was he in support of memoralizing the fighting spirit and skill of the Confederate soldiers? Or was he in support of the Democratic KKK agenda? David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars doesn't care and doesn't say. For most of the far left, merely being southern is enough to be branded a racist.

I prefer a little evidence to support such a charge.


And the heirs of those KKK Democrats have now switched parties and are all Republicans.

Seriously, Roger, notwithstanding the fact that you are correct about the the old southern Democrats, you should not try and make this point again and again as you do. That Democratic party no longer exists and unfortunately for us all, it has been replaced by the GOP, a party that that seems to be becoming less diverse, more regional, and less tolerant.

If you want proof of that last phrase, make a list of moderate Republicans. If you can, it will be a short one.

Then make a list of all of the right wing media who speak for the GOP. Any party whose elected representatives must perforce kowtow to Rush Limbaugh, has a problem.

I believe you believe that all the racist Democrats in the south switched parties so they could be racists in the Republican party but you never give me any reason to accept your theory. I know things have changed since 1964, when more Republicans per capita in Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats, but the change has not been that the Republicans have gotten more racist. Quite the opposite. Here are some of my refutations off the top of my head: Colin Powell, Condie Rice, Justice Thomas, Ward Connerly, J.C. Watts...Oh and the current leader of the Nat. Committee, Michael Steele, gosh I guess we are just a racist party (/sarcasm). Give me any evidence you have that causes you believe your very convenient theory, and we can continue to talk. I try to give facts to support my opinions. You should try too.

Here is a short list of liberal Republicans: George Bush, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Chuck Hegel, Dick Lugar, Mary Bone, Mike Kirk, Michael Castle...Oh and John McCain, our most recent candidate for the Presidency. Are they any fewer than Scoop Jackson Democrats?

Roger, Roger, Roger.

Never in life; not in this lofe, not in he next, call George Bush and John McCain liberals.

Never endorse Clarence Thp,as as being on your side, no matter what side you are on.

Colin Powell, who we should all respect, endorsed Barack Obama in the last election.

Condi Rice? She will neve be president of Stanford.

J.C Watts: would the party had done him like he did the party. Just remember. He is the exception, not the rule.

Still waiting on the evidence for the KKK Democrat switch. Sorry you don't like most of the Conservative African Americans I mentioned. I don't think you're racist for your dislike. McCain is a squishy Republican not a card carrying Conservative. Remember the Maverick meme? Our candidate was a liberal Republican. Big tent indeed and about to get bigger about 11/2011.
What did "we" do to Watts? I'm aware of the party affiliation of most African Americans (and Jews for that matter), I just don't understand it.
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