Thursday, August 27, 2009


The New Narrative

Yesterday I wrote about the vandalism on the windows of the local Democrat Party Headquarters and posed two competing narratives, both from Nazi Germany's history, Kristallnacht and the Reichstag fire. I am here now to propose a third narrative, also from Nazi Germany's history--internecine conflict between the left and the far left. Although the Nazis were socialists (national socialists), they hated the even more socialist Communists (international socialists) and persecuted them with Concentration Camp internment, et al. If you don't count the millions of Communist soldiers taken prisoner after June, 1941, the civilian Communists were third in line, after the Jews and the Gypsies, for German nationalist leftist hatred and crime, specifically against other leftists. That's what apparently is going on with Maurice Schwenkler, aka Ariel Attack a so-called transgendered member of focused far lefty Denver Bash Back!.

As one of the wags a People's Press Collective said, Smash-troturfing.

So it's probably neither Kristallnacht or the Reichstag fire, but it's nothing new under the sun.


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