Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kristallnacht Oder Reichstagsbrand?

Yesterday I was completely bummed by the news that 11 big windows at Democrat Party Headquarters here in Denver, at 8th and Santa Fe, were smashed during the night. Using reasonable inference and logic, it made sense to me that someone on the right did this. (Just so, it made sense that Saddam Hussein maintained a stockpile of WMD otherwise he would have let the UN inspectors inspect and avoided the war's continuing and his being hanged--but that's a separate topic).

Certainly the Democrats in this state jumped to my instant conclusion. Not only that, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said this about the damage to the building: "Clearly there's been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it" Thus, the first narrative of the event to use a Nazi Germany reference was to compare it to Kristallnacht. Think I'm kidding? Think no one would be so petty as to compare breaking 11 windows of a single party headquarters, in a petty political fight, to the nationwide property destruction of Jewish businesses and Synagogues, and murder of nearly a hundred Jews, and rounding up for the concentration camp of thirty thousand Jews in Germany and Austria on the night November 8/9, 1938? See for yourself.

But the vandals were too stupid to look carefully around before they started breaking windows to see if perhaps a Denver police patrol car might be near, so one of the two was caught. Maurice Schwenkler was caught. Here's what People's Press Collective (all power to the people!) was able to glean from the public record. Other people, like Gateway Pundit, found other things.

Now the narrative, with its required Nazi Germany reference, is Reichstag fire, presuming that Marinus van der Lubbe was not the real arsonist in question.

It is certainly possible that young Mr. Schwenkler is, DESPITE every fact we know about him, actually a Republithug, or perhaps he's merely an anarchist who hates both left and right, or perhaps he's, allegedly, just one of those guys who likes to break things; but there is enough out there to show he's a dedicated leftist, so that the burden has fallen squarely on the Democrats to show that they did not hire Mr. Schwenkler to do a "false flag" operation, if they can.

Certainly there is more to follow.


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