Friday, August 08, 2008


The Dam Breaks

Edwards has admitted the affair, and admitted lying about it to everyone, but he has denied the little baby girl of Ms. Hunter is his. This seems weird to me. The damaging thing is that he cheated on his wife, dying from cancer. That's about as low as you can go without actually committing a crime. Who cares if the kid is his or not?

It certainly does not explain why he visited both Ms. Hunter and the kid in the hotel in July, if she's not his and he was there for more sex (always the default motive for nearly any man). Nor does the lack of parentage explain the over $114,000 expenditure by his campaign to Ms. Hunter for very little in the way of blog videos. Hush money? Is that legal?

Another Democratic sex scandal with real sex.

You know, the confession, such as it is, doesn't make me dislike Edwards any more. You can't actually get below what I thought of the man.


...and it is all over the news. In fact, on Yahoo, they have it as a "Breaking News" banner over every story. I'd have thought the situation in Georgia was a little more important.

Silly me.

Btw, I saw a lefty blog saying he was fair game, not because of the affair, but because he is a hypocrite.
The situation in Georgia is more important and if Edwards had gotten the treatment any Republican would have, I probably would be complaining now that enough was enough, leave Edwards alone.
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