Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Voting With Their Feet

No one ever seriously thought that President Bush (son) was clever enough to have foreseen that al Qaeda would be drawn into post-Saddam Iraq to be killed in droves by our fine armed forces and our Muslim allies there. The fly-paper effect, as it came to be known, was just an added bonus to our liberation of Iraq through the overthrow of Hitler-lite tyrant Hussein. Looks like this bonus effect is repeating itself in Afghanistan, according to this report.

I can see the thought process: Too hot in Iraq? Move to the cool high mountains of Afghanistan. Meet the eager Marines. (Die in droves).

Money quote:

We have heard reports recently that many of the foreign fighters that were in Iraq have left, either back to their homeland or going to fight in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is now seeming to be more suitable for al-Qaida fighters," said Ambassador Samir Sumaida'ie.

General Petraeus was not quite as sanguine:

They're not going to abandon Iraq. They're not going to write it off. None of that," Petraeus said. "But what they certainly may do is start to provide some of those resources that would have come to Iraq to Pakistan, possibly Afghanistan.

I am nearly giddy with the news. Yes, things could go south under Democratic leadership, but for now, al Qaeda has been nearly defeated in Iraq, what its leaders called the central front, and now some of them are going to die in vain in the strategic cul-de-sac which is Afghanistan. So much for re-establishing the Caliphate.

I never thought we were losing, though for a time I could not say we were winning. Now I know we're winning.

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