Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Great News from Iraq

Having cleared nearly all the cities in Iraq of al Qaeda, now elements of the Iraqi Army, 30,000 strong, are set to clear the last provincial stronghold, Diyala Province. How do you say 'Get some!' in Arabic?

How well these guys do in this block and sweep (or hammer and anvil) may determine how soon our guys get to come home in victory. They are backed by other Iraqi units (Police) and by about 10,000 of our guys. I bet the al Qaeda types won't stand, fight and die this time. What's Arabic for 'scurrying away like cockroaches?'

Pretty brave guys to take on an enemy, armed with Russian automatic weapons and RPGs, with only a Glock.

Money quote for the guys in the fight over there:

If successful the assault on Diyala will strengthen Mr. Maliki's hand in negotiations with the US over its troop strength in Iraq. He has announced that the American military should be withdrawn to barracks by 2010.

As its combat role is wound up, American army deployments to Iraq will be reduced

I have to admit that I hope the announced August 1 start date is a head fake and we start right away.



Yes people, take a good look at these guys because one of their generals or colonels will take over the government just as soon as the army is up to speed.

Of course the question is: if we are still in Iraq, what do we do? Stand down and confine ourselves to barracks until the dust settles? Become in volved?

I can always count on you to see the bad in any situation. Notice however that the cover their faces, so we won't recognize the inevitable new Saddam when he shows up. I say we stay in the barracks when the coup happens.
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