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Great News from Iraq

Not the paper most supportive of our efforts to win the war against Muslim extremists (the Long or Jihadi War), the London Times now reports on efforts to drive al Qaeda in Iraq (AQM) from Iraq, and the battle in the final city AQM is to be driven from, Mosul, in the north. And they write the story as if it was already won. And, guess what? It already is won, both in Baghdad and in Mosul.

Here's my favorite quote:

Nevertheless, the speed of Al-Qaeda’s decline in Iraq – not only in the north but throughout the country – has taken many military strategists and observers by surprise.

Many, but not all.

Oh and the yellowcake (semi refined uranium ore) of which many liberals, including lying Joe Wilson were blissfully unaware, about 550 metric tons of it, have been removed from Iraq and is safely in Canada now. That's like a million pounds. Wait, no, it's more than a million pounds of it.

No doubt we would have been better off to leave Saddam to his hobbies. No harm could ever have come of it. I mean there must be hundreds of peaceful applications for uranium. Hundreds.

The photo is from a four hour fight in Mosul, February 12, 2005.

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It does not matter how you spin it. The invasion of Iraq, however nobly motivated in your mind, did not serve any vital purpose for this country.

I will not repeat my position regarding the futility of attempting to establish democracy in Iraq or how we have limited our ability to act elsewhere by our commitment of resources in Iraq. Let us not discus the empowerment of Iran resulting from the deposition of Saddam.

I could go on but why bother.

A defeat of al Qaeda in what it calls a central front is a big defeat. I don't think we went into Iraq to spank al Qaeda, so that was just a little bonus. Defeating al Qaeda soundly serves a vital purpose of this country. QED Trivia tomorrow or not?
Can you provide a link on the yellowcake story please.

Oh, and the widely debunked story boils down to the fact that there was no hard evidence ever, despite the fact that Cheney claimed he was sure that the meeting took place.

There never was any solid evidence, and yet the lying vice-president presented it as fact.

I know a journalist who was trying like hell to corroborate Cheney's claim. He'd be a rich man if he could have, but of course, there was no meeting.

That is what "widely debunked" refers to.

I'm tiring of explaining this to you over and over and over....
I provided the link in a new posting. You being in the CR I admit you would have a more direct line on the report from Czech secret services (or whatever it's called) so you have more influence on my opinion on this than on other things. Here are my pertinent questions, as I don't know what "hard" evidence is: Did the Czech spy agency report the meeting? Have the Czech's backed off the claim? Has anyone established with photos, receipts, spy journal entries, etc. that Atta was in Prague on day in question? Has anyone done the same showing Atta was elsewhere? I'll try to answer them for myself. Your imput where to look will be appreciated.
Yes. Yes. No photos, no corroboration by anyone. There was a "Mohammed Atta " in prague at the same time as the former Iraqi minister, but it has now been determined that it was another person with a very, very unfortunate name.

By the time Cheney claimed it was fact, it was already show not to be fact. And in any case, there was never any evidence of a meeting, only the fact that these two guys were in Prague at the same time. The Czechs were trying to get $$$ for security and also trying to land the contract for chemical weapons specialists in Iraq.... which they did.

End of story. Get over it.
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