Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The Decline in Democratic Daliances

In the quality of the dalliee, that is. President Kennedy is rumored to have bedded beautiful Marylin Monroe and Judith Exner.

President Clinton failed to get the slightly less than stunningly beautiful Paula Jones in bed and had only a particular type of sex with the slightly less than svelte Monica Lewinsky.

The execrable Eliot Spitzer had to pay for it.

At least this Democratic sex scandal had some sex.


I agree, Paula Jones looks like she has schizophrenia and Monica is a bit of a hoss, but at least they are female!

The last sex scandal in this country involved a wide stance and a US Senator Homo-ing out in a freaking airport bathroom! A sex scandal or two before that, a Reverend and a leader of the evangelical movement was caught up in a meth and gay sex scandal.

It's a shame that an apparently promising Governor would throw it all away for a piece of trim, but at least it was a female.
You sound a little anti-gay. I happen to like most of the homosexuals I know. Craig is a disgrace, especially in the way he handled it. Pleading guilty is wrong if you don't think you did anything wrong. Announcing that you will resign and then not doing it is wrong. Dragging your wife up on the stage with you is very wrong in my book.
I don't know Haggard but I met his paramour Mike Jones. Not a great guy, in fact, I think he's desperately unhappy. Anyway, this was not a serious posting so thanks for draining all the fun out of it.
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