Thursday, February 14, 2008


Grudging Admissions From the New York Times

Good guy lefty reader, T, continues to out-gloom Nancy Pelosi telling me that Iraq is an unmitigated disaster and that's all it will ever be. Whoa, not so fast there, kitty cat. We now have proof of the liberal ideal of progress in Iraq (and it's not destruction of al Qaeda there)--legislation. Our source was the New York Times. Money quote:

We are, of course, cheered by the news that representatives from Iraq’s three main ethnic groups — Shiite, Sunni and Kurd — finally saw some benefit in compromise.

For the New York Times regarding Iraq, that's nearly giddy.



Mirabile dictu. After the Iraqi government nearly dissolved itself, it managed pass a few pieces of legislation, although not one pertaining to oild legislation. Now Tiny Claude can have his operation!

If you mean 'oil', they are sharing revenues. If you mean 'old', I have to ask what old legislation?

Sorry. "Oil." I am dick fingered when it comes to typing. I can find no record of oil revenue legislation having passed.

What is your source on how revenue is being shared? I did find references to the Kurdish government angering the central government in October of last year by enetering into exploration agreements w/ Hunt Oil. I also recall hearing at that time that most major players were reluctant to strike independent deals for fear of angering the centarl government.

I'll post on the local oil revenue sharing. I believe you are absolutely correct about there being a failure to agree on this issue in the Iraqi legislature.
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