Saturday, March 24, 2007


Still Reason for Hope

In response to sports writer J. Paul Caulfeld's saying the Attorney General's office would soon drop the rest of the charges against the Duke lacrosse three, the AG's office issued this statement:

Our review of the case, including reviewing documents and conducting interviews, is still under way at this point and no decision has been made.

That's not really a denial--it's just saying it won't happen tomorrow; although most lawyers could review even the most complicated of cases in a few weeks, so one wonders what the hold up is. Good prosecutors, which group apparently does not include Mike Nifong, have a duty when the case goes as seriously south as this one has, to dismiss the charges as soon as possible. The stink of this dog of a case seems to be spreading past Duke U. and the Durham police and the district attorney's office into the soul of the North Carolina justice system. That's not so good.

The spokesman did say the review should be over in a few weeks. Most rational people even casually acquainted with the ever changing story from the 'victim,' hope and pray the AG's office does the right thing soon.

(h/t reader Tony)

The state would STILL like to get convictions, rather than face the fallout from dismissal.

It's sad, but apparently in NC innocence may not be enough to get the charges dropped. ("Some cases are so important that innocence cannot be allowed to be a defense.")

But "light is the best disinfectant." Help keep the public spotlight focused squarely on Durham :

Petition for Justice in the Duke Lacrosse case :
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