Saturday, February 08, 2020


Take Them to the Bank Oscar Predictions

Apathy for these awards continues but I will make the following predictions:

The big nine:

Best Picture-- 1917 (apparently we are all suckers for fake one-takes)
Best Leading Man-- Joaquin Phoenix
Best Leading Lady-- Renee Zellweger
Best Supporting Actor-- Brad Pitt
Best Supporting Actress-- Laura Dern
Best Foreign Film-- Parasite
Best Director-- Sam Mendes
Best Screenplay, Original-- Parasite
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- JoJo Rabbit (but it could be Little Women)

Some not very difficult calls:

Cinematography-- 1917 (see above)
Animated Feature-- Toy Story 4
Art Direction-- 1917
Original Song-- (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again (but who actually gives a fuck?)
Film Editing-- Ford v. Ferrari
Sound Editing-- 1917 (always go with the loudest movie in this category)
Sound Mixing-- 1917 (because sound editing is completely different from sound mixing and 1917 has them both down cold)
Visual Effects--  1917 (OK, this is getting monotonous)
Score-- Joker

Here are the not easy at all rest:

Makeup-- Joker
Costume Design-- Little Women (but it could be Tarantino's best in a long time)
Documentary-- American Factory (but it could be Honeyland because that lost in Foreign Film category)

Here are the next to impossible to call:

Animated Short-- Hair Love (but it could be any of them)
Live Short-- The Neighbor's Window (but it could be any of them)
Documentary Short-- Learning to Skateboard one (but it could be any of them)

So, still no MC? OK, not watching then.


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