Monday, July 30, 2018


Please, Please, Please Keep This Up, Democrats

My office is just across the street from local ICE HQ. There have been short lived, pretty pathetic demonstrations outside it over the years, but this one looks more professional. They have tents and banners and safety vests and pre-printed signs and everything else a grass-root movement like this needs.

Viva La Raza, indeed! You go, demonstrators. Please be there every day until November 6.


Do local ordinances really allow these people to essentially "squat" on public property? Do they have to apply for and obtain a permit to do so (like other users of public facilities and thoroughfares, eg. parades)?

I'd give them the choice of squatting in a permitted and limited [remote] location or taking down and removing all their squatty materials between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am, daily. Let's see how long they'd go for that, eh?

What really torqued me off was when the BLM people blocked interstates. I would have brought out the mounted posse to round them up & herd them into the nearest ditch, which would preferably have been filled with dirty water.

I don't care if they protest whatever issues, but there's no obligation to make it comfortable for them....

They look somewhat uncomfortable in the sun and heat. No idea about permitting. Don't really care. I'll update photos of things I couldn't photograph from the porch our office has.

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