Saturday, July 28, 2018


One Difference

One of the differences between International Socialism (Communists) and National Socialism (Nazis), besides the nationalism, is that no one every says, "of course it failed but that's because no one has really tried actual national socialism."

(not my original thought but I can't find the source)


Anyone who's read "Bloodlands," by Timothy Snyder, knows that notwithstanding whatever label may be attached, both Hitler's national socialism and Stalin's communism were and are, at their core, progeny of the same totalitarian desire for absolute rule and control.

...and that the principle means of subjugation is slaughter and terror by any means practicable, from execution to deliberate starvation of the reluctant population. Which tactics may be currently suspended in most (but not all) geographic locations as a result of international attention, but remain in the toolbox for use when opportunity returns.

I read a few months ago that the Soviet caused famine in Kazakhstan made the one in the Ukraine look like an all you can eat buffet. It turns out the famine in Ethiopia that got all the rock stars so upset was Commie caused too. The Black Book of Communism needs an update.

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