Friday, July 13, 2018


Defying Catagorization

I've had recent arguments about whether the Nazi's accurately described themselves with their name, National Socialist and German Worker's Party. The historically ignorant ones I've been arguing with know that the Nazi's were right wing so their name using Socialist must have been some sort of mistake. Right, they were so stupid they couldn't even get their name right. On the other hand, they were patriots for their evil nation, but patriots none the less, and patriotism is generally uniquely on the right as the left tends to be internationalist. The lengthy list of socialist things the Nazis implemented during the dozen years of their existence as the ruling party in Germany doesn't seem ever to sway the historically ignorant from stupidly believing the Nazis were right wing and, indeed, far to the right, extremist right wingers, at that.

I generally just shake my head muttering "moron" repeatedly.

But regarding the near equal evil of Imperial Japan during the same time frame, it is very difficult to tell which party vying for power during the 30s was right wing and which was left. I have to say left and right just don't make a lot of sense regarding Japanese politics at that time. They were all ultra-nationalist and lukewarm lefty (all supported socialist like government programs). Here's the only real distinction I see between the Minsieto, the Shakai Taoishuto and the Tohokai, which among them had about 60% of the political parties' membership before 1940:

The biggest party thought that Japan was a superior nation with citizens superior to anyone else on Earth but opposed actually invading foreign nations. (I guess they kinda ignored what was already going on in Korea and China).

The other parties thought that Japan was a superior nation with citizens superior to anyone else on Earth and advocated invading all the inferior countries and killing and/or subjugating the inferior people there.

It's the political principals of the second group that was made the official policy of the Japanese Empire in 1940 when Japan became a one party nation by decree.

Awful lot of party leader assassinations during the 30s. I'm sure that didn't help things.


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