Thursday, June 07, 2018


This is Really Good Advice

Here in the magazine The Week is political advice to the Democrats regarding the midterm elections in November by David Faris, an associate poli sci professor at Roosevelt University (which I have never heard of).

It is really good advice. Behold:

This is why it is so critically important that Democrats in Congress recapture their gung-ho crisis attitude from 2017.

No more victories for the president on policy issues that can wait until Democrats are back in charge. No more offhand comments from Chuck Schumer about how great Mitch McConnell is. The president seems to be spoiling for an election-eve immigration fight — give it to him. Raise the stakes. Remind your partisans that we are in the midst of a potentially democracy-ending crisis. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be on TV every day warning voters about the president's corruption and abuse of power. Come up with an actual immigration policy that's bigger than the DREAMers. Pick someone to counter the president's daily barrage of paranoid propaganda on Twitter.

The only advice I would add is to talk about Democrat plans for Trump's impeachment, all the time. That will certainly demoralize the mouth-breather Republicans and strengthen the blue wave about to crash down on them.


"Advise" = verb
"Advice" = noun

e.g., it's " and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate"

...but you probably did that on purpose, didn't you? Just to expose this grammar-nazi reader?
Might have been sloppy with this one. Thanks for the corrections.
Yah, once (in the header) I could ignore. Twice, uh-uh. With me, it's a compulsory comment at that point. ;-)

But don't feel bad -- I just read a sentence in a "professionally" published novel that used "reign" [in] for "rein" [in] (which is one of my all-time grammar/spelling annoyances!)

Too much "auto-correct" and not enough "brain-correct," methinks.

But, on topic, I do hope that the Dems continue to dig their political hole with the massive excavation tools they've been using for almost a year and a half now.
Pelosi individually, is the ever-giving gift. But their Hollywood celebrities, self-described comediennes, and propaganda outlets CNN and MSNBC, collectively, come in a very, very close second. enjoying every minute of it.
We'll see if there is indeed an 11/6/18 payoff. I am 55% sure we won't lose the house and 60% sure we'll pick up 5 senate seats.
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