Monday, May 14, 2018


Under the Rubric: Put up or Shut Up

Our democratic project is not threatened if our civil rights laws are interpreted as they were before Barack Obama became president. Nor is threatened by enforcing immigration laws or supporting legislation that would bring immigration levels more in line with historical norms.

Finally, where is the evidence of Russian influence on Trump? Identify the Russian agents who have served in the administration. Show me the policy decisions Trump has made that favor Russia.

The fact is that on nearly all big ticket foreign policy issues — Iran, Syria, Ukraine, you name it — Trump’s decisions have gone against Russia’s interest. And let’s not forget about the expulsion of all those Russian diplomats.

Paul Mirengoff


Re: Russia, this piece was interesting....
Clearly Mueller did not expect the Russians he indicted to respond. More fool he. Every attorney knows if the other side's attorneys show up in court without stating beforehand it's a special appearance that the other side has waived any defense to proper jurisdiction. So when the prosecutor asked for more time because he wasn't sure that the Russian company had been served properly, we all knew that was dithering. I expect that discovery will be painful for Mueller or he'll dismiss the case. If he's truly stupid, both will happen.
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