Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Support Strenuous Economic Sanctions, Against England

Like my father before me, I'm a raving Anglophile. But this is too much to bear.

Not only has the United Kingdom abandoned its young girls and allowed them to be systematically raped by Muslim men for years and years (which I believe is a violation of the girls' human rights), but now England is immediately sending to prison ordinary, if somewhat sketchy citizens who dare to talk about the criminal prosecution of these rapists and child trafficking groups. That's a second violation of a human right, the right not to be imprisoned by the government for truthful speech.

Given the fact that the Obama administration openly tried to prevent Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent re-election, I'm pretty underwhelmed by Russia's attempt to mess with our 2016 elections. Apparently, every country messes with other countries' elections from time to time, almost always to no avail. But letting the young women be raped for years by older Muslim men, because the English authorities were afraid of being called racists, is simply unacceptable. And sending to prison people who want the world to know about the utterly awful things the British government did is almost as bad.

England needs to change its horribly wicked ways and the United States needs to explain to them what constitutes acceptable governmental behavior. Forcefully, and right now.

Here is the English other side (merely trying to give the Muslims a fair trial by no media coverage allowed), which I find totally unconvincing. We handle the "juror contamination by press coverage of trials" not by suppressing the media but by telling the jurors not to watch news coverage of the trial and kicking off the jury those jurors who do and get caught. Much better solution, unless you're the government who has totally failed its young female citizens and you don't want anyone to know that.

Here is Steyn's take, well worth the time reading, as usual.


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