Saturday, April 14, 2018


Whom to Trust?

Leaking the results of an investigation in progress may not be illegal, unless it involves Grand Jury testimony (which is clearly illegal), but then again, with about a million malum prohibitum laws around, it just might be. Still, it's not supposed to happen and caught leakers generally get fired.

So of course the Mueller investigation into everything has leaked like a sieve from just about its first day of existence.

Here is the latest leak: The Mueller investigation allegedly has proof that Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, actually did go to Prague to meet with Russians in Summer 2016, just like the Steele dossier says and contrary to his saying he's never been to Prague, ever.

This will make the people who hate Trump happy, if true. So how to evaluate the reliability of this leak?

I don't know Cohen at all and I don't have any way to tell if he's lying. And of course we don't know what the alleged proof of his travels are so that's a dead end for judging credibility.

The best I could do is to see how many leaks from the investigation have turned out true and if the majority have been true, then the likelihood this one is true goes up.

But that's a daunting task and I'm not sure it's reliable so I will just have to wait like everyone to find out if this is true. But, like most people, I hate waiting.


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