Saturday, April 21, 2018


Thought of the Day

Liberals have fallen in love with the idea of ignoring the 2nd Amendment and confiscating all firearms. The logistics of doing this in a nation with hundreds of millions of guns (many of which are off the books) when many police departments and tens of millions of Americans would not cooperate is seldom discussed. Another thing that seldom seems brought up is that large numbers of conservatives would see this as a prelude to the government’s use of force against the citizenry. When it is discussed on the Left, there seems to be an assumption that lone resisters might get into firefights with dozens of police or soldiers, as opposed to ganging up with other formerly law-abiding Americans to waylay gun confiscators, politicians and anti-gun activists at THEIR HOMES in guerrilla actions that would be silently applauded and supported by hundreds of millions of Americans concerned about their freedom. Confiscating guns is a dangerous and stupid idea that could in and of itself end our republic if a serious attempt were ever made to implement it.

John Hawkins, with a brush back pitch to those who seek to confiscate guns.

I'm often tempted to tell people merely calling me names on Facebook: "Listen, if you piss me off, when the right wing death squads plan to take you and your family out, I may not warn you they're coming." But since I don't think they'd see that I was merely making fun of them, I don't say it.

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