Thursday, April 26, 2018


The Steele Dossier is Corroborated

The right is always going off on how the Steele Dossier is uncorroborated and in parts, to quote James Comey, is "salacious and unverified." Even Mr. Steele himself, in deposition for a libel lawsuit against him for things contained in the dossier, has said under oath that it was made up of bits of “raw intelligence” that are “unverified” and “warranted further investigation” before anyone relied upon them (or used the dossier to get a surveillance warrant from a FISA court). So there's that.

But look at all the things that have been verified in it.

So there's quite a lot that is verified.

(Here's another take not quite as sarcastic from never salacious Andrew McCarthy)


The brazen dishonesty continues to amaze me. I know, I should be used to it by now. But...

No, I'm not.

Were they corrupt before they got into government? Were they simply corruptible and government provided the Petri Dish agar and climate that encouraged their transformation into swamp creatures? Was it absorbed into their character via some kind of osmosis from the people they hung with? There appear to be some dozen or more of these integrity-challenged "public servants" who have been shown to be utterly and thoroughly rotten at the core. Does it simply prove the old saying about one rotten apple?

Conservative Tree House has a photo array of the [alleged, to be sure] culprits.

It's really difficult to change you ways. Some people can do it with great and continued effort but most people can't. So the lot of them were assholes before they got into government, or so I believe. The swamp just made them worse.

I have a couple of cases which were removed to federal court, where I have not been in over a decade. After dealing with the judges on the cases, one of whom I like a lot, I asked the question to myself, aren't federal judges civil servants? And then I laughed out loud.
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