Friday, March 02, 2018


Take 'em to the Bank Oscar Predictions

For some reason, this year is very hard to predict, probably because most of the nominees were indistinguishable from small indie movies or just plain sucked.

The big nine:

Best Picture-- Three Billboards (could be Shape of Water, outside chance for Get Out)
Best Leading Man-- Gary Oldman
Best Leading Lady-- Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actor-- Sam Rockwell
Best Supporting Actress-- Allison Janney
Best Foreign Film-- A Fantastic Woman (about a trans-sexual, the cause de jour)
Best Director-- Guillermo del Toro
Best Screenplay, Original-- Get Out
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- Call Me by Your Name

Somewhat difficult calls:

Cinematography-- Dunkirk
Animated Feature-- Coco
Art Direction-- Shape of Water
Original Song-- Remember Me
Film Editing-- Dunkirk
Sound Mixing-- Baby Driver (because sound editing is completely different from sound mixing)
Visual Effects--  the new Blade Runner
Score-- Shape of Water
Makeup-- Darkest Hour

Here are the not easy at all rest:

Sound Editing-- Dunkirk (always go with the loudest movie in this category)
Costume Design-- Phantom Thread
Documentary-- Icarus

Here are the next to impossible to call:

Animated Short-- Dear Basketball (but it could be any of them)
Live Short-- DeKalb Elementary (but it could be any of them)
Documentary Short-- Edith + Eddie (but it could be any of them)

Not watching the show; don't care any more.


You care enough to predict the winners ;)
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