Friday, March 16, 2018


Social Physics Laws - UPDATED

For every act of projection there is an equal and opposite, probing reaction.

I'm 64, pretty old, and I guess I've been politically aware, with varying degrees of intensity, for about 46 of them. I followed Watergate and to a far lesser degree the Iran Contra affair. The 2000 recount fascinated me. I've read about some pretty stupid political moves on both sides through the decades. I've seen corruption in office by both sides. In some of those cases justice was done and in others the corrupt politician skated.

But I have never witnessed an investigation blow up so devastatingly in the faces of the investigators.

I have held the FBI in pretty low esteem for a long time now. I think they are way too often long on arrogance and short on competence. But what is finally coming to light in the past year or so is very disappointing, to put it in its best light.

The go to guy for me about what's been happening has been former DOJ prosecutor Andrew McCarthy at National Review. He knows what he's talking about from experience and he is very smart. But even he had to confess that he had underestimated the malfeasance of the DOJ and FBI.

To paraphrase George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove: And although I hate to judge before all the facts are in, it's beginning to look like certain leaders in the FBI and DOJ are in need of a RICO prosecution.

McCarthy nailed why the bad actors thought they could get away with it. Everyone thought Trump would lose and Hillary would not only shield the bad actors from investigation but would actually reward their efforts to help her win.

But it didn't happen that way.

Had the bad actors gone back actually to trying to catch malum in se criminals after the election rather than double down on politicization of our federal investigative and prosecutory arms, I seriously doubt the low energy Republicans would have discovered the damning evidence we have been seeing lately. Most of the press was studiously ignoring Democrat bad acts, as usual. But they kept doing bad things including a transparently groundless investigation of Russian collusion by Republicans (there was Russian collusion by Democrats--didn't interest Mr. Mueller in the slightest), and the Republicans actually got off their butts and uncovered stuff, ugly stuff. See the second law of social physics above.

James Comey has been fired. Mr. McCabe was fired just today. Nobody in our bloated Washington bureaucracy used to get fired no matter how badly they acted. I hate to get my hopes up too high but I recall that the Watergate investigation took a full two years to start producing indictments. I do foresee a lot more firings. The future is too mist shrouded now to say if there will be indictments of FBI and DOJ personnel or of a past unsuccessful candidate for President perhaps. Probably not.

But there should be.

Karma can be pretty heartless, right?

UPDATE: In the great minds think alike department, here is Conrad Black on the subject:

So immense and intoxicating was the world of malicious make-believe the Clinton–Obama Democrats had confected... that they are just beginning to realize how immense is their peril and potential for self-destruction. If they had just taken their lumps and made the normal billings and cooings on defeat, Mr. Trump would never have bothered them.

By endlessly poking the victor, unleashing their press parrots, and screaming of treason, they have encouraged precisely the qualities of President Trump which most irritate his enemies, and many politically neutral and tasteful people as well. They have roused a monster, and as Admiral Yamamoto, architect of Japan’s tactical victory at Pearl Harbor famously said, “filled him with a terrible resolve, which will shortly be turned upon” them.

President Trump would not have bothered them if they had not pursued this defamatory idiocy of Russian collusion and treason. All of them will face the grand jury, rubber stamps for prosecutors, who will not be auditioning for Democratic gubernatorial nominations or even for places in the big Democratic law firms.

Their inability to accept the people’s verdict made their late opponent more like the nasty caricature they claimed he was, but provoked him and his supporters to tear the mask off their institutional, financial, and media corruption, all of which he would have been happy to forego, if they had allowed him to be the customary generous post-electoral figure of national reconciliation Americans have come to expect of incoming presidents on a political honeymoon.

They sowed, and they shall reap, and the harvest will disgrace and destroy them.


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