Monday, March 05, 2018


Oscar Prediction Results 2018

I did OK. The ones with a red background are the ones I missed followed by the winner. 19 out of 24 and only one was an important miss and I mentioned the actual winner as a possibility.

The big nine:

Best Picture-- Three Billboards (could be Shape of Water, outside chance for Get Out) It was Shape of Water
Best Leading Man-- Gary Oldman
Best Leading Lady-- Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actor-- Sam Rockwell
Best Supporting Actress-- Allison Janney
Best Foreign Film-- A Fantastic Woman (about a trans-sexual, the cause de jour)
Best Director-- Guillermo del Toro
Best Screenplay, Original-- Get Out
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- Call Me by Your Name

Somewhat difficult calls:

Cinematography-- Dunkirk It was the new Blade Runner
Animated Feature-- Coco
Art Direction-- Shape of Water
Original Song-- Remember Me
Film Editing-- Dunkirk
Sound Mixing-- Baby Driver (because sound editing is completely different from sound mixing) It was Dunkirk
Visual Effects--  the new Blade Runner
Score-- Shape of Water
Makeup-- Darkest Hour

Here are the not easy at all rest:

Sound Editing-- Dunkirk (always go with the loudest movie in this category)
Costume Design-- Phantom Thread
Documentary-- Icarus

Here are the next to impossible to call:

Animated Short-- Dear Basketball (but it could be any of them)
Live Short-- DeKalb Elementary (but it could be any of them) It was The Silent Child
Documentary Short-- Edith + Eddie (but it could be any of them) It was Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405


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