Thursday, February 01, 2018


Thought of the Day

[Non-dead Kennedy] denounced the Trump administration for ignoring the "promise" we apparently made to the 7 billion people who are not Americans. How dare we arrogate to ourselves the right to decide "who makes the cut" and becomes our fellow citizen?

Incidentally, which grandee decides who "makes the cut" at the celebrity V.I.P. rooms at Democratic conventions?

Transgenders and foreigners are specialty hobbies, like building ships in a bottle or urban cheese-making. It's as if the big thinkers of the party ran into someone at Burning Man:

What are you working on?


Oh, that sounds interesting. Can I join you?

Normal American: How about good-paying jobs and putting food on the table?

This is what the Democratic Party has become -- a group of utterly decadent coxcombs, with no concept of economic insecurity and no interest in finding out.


And to demonstrate their lockstep lack of independent opinion-holding, the Dems will not break ranks: they are afraid to stand out (or up).

It is far healthier for the Republic that the Republican party members have policy arguments, contrary opinions, and members who refuse to surrender their personal principles (whether you agree with them or not), than the Dem kind of robotic subordination to a chosen party line.

And the Kennedy choice for post-SUTO? That's not just tone-deaf, that's imbecilic.

I've always thought the sons of patriarch Joe were competent and qualified in descending order: Joe Jr. was the most competent (blown to atoms in WWII) and down the line to Ted who was as complete a fuck up as existed then. So the second generation was worse and I don't even want to think about the third.

Democrats: Down with white privilege, with the snooty rich, with inherited wealth, with undeserved influence!

Who should we pick as an up-and-coming Democrat politician?

Let's pick a Kennedy!
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