Friday, January 19, 2018


I Think I Have This Figured Out

Concerning a possible "shutdown" of the federal government (which is merely Kabuki theater in my mind--essential services don't shut down at all), I'm wondering who will get the blame this time.

At the end of 1995 and in first few days of 1996 there were 27 days of partial shutdown. The Democrat President Clinton had vetoed the spending bill passed by the Republican controlled House and Senate and the Republicans didn't get a new one passed in time to keep the unimportant government services going. The Republicans got the blame.

From October 1 through 16, 2013, the feds shut down some things because of the lack of a spending bill from the Republican House. The Democrat President Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate wanted things included in the spending bill the Republicans opposed (for a little over two weeks). The Republicans got the blame.

Now the Republicans control the White House, House and Senate but the Democrats want to hold up any spending bill until the Republicans agree to things regarding an immigration bill "fix" for some people here illegally; and the Democrats can hold up the spending bill due to the 60 votes needed to stop a filibuster and only 51 Republican Senators; and therefore a "shutdown" will result.
The Republicans will get the blame.

See, if there is any interruption to unnecessary federal services or any delay in payment to the voracious but inept federal bureaucracy, no matter what the circumstances, it's always the Republicans' fault.

It's like a rule or something.

Just thought you all would like to know.


Dems got themselves between a rock and a hard place with their DACA or nothing stance. Trump replied, "Nothing," and is not afraid to hold his position because the DACA policy expires in early March. A shutdown doesn't scare him off, as he's gung-ho for less government anyway & a shutdown is simply a basis for making jokes about government non-essentials. The Durbin-Graham proposal was nothing but an invitation for the Republicans to negotiate against themselves - no thank you, says Trump.
It was funny when the Dems started talking about all the [fakey] issues they had with the spending bill -- first anyone had brought that up. Really, Dems? DACA wasn't playing well, so you went to Plan B?
Trump's got a winning hand and he knows it. Bless his heart. He's also got some great spokespeople now: Sarah the Press Sec'y is marvelous; Steve Miller is spot on with his fact arguments, that's why the Dems hate him; there was a guy, Gidley, on NPR this morning who managed the interview right out of Rachel Whatsername's hands. Go team.

I agree, but I have a nagging fear that the GOP will give away too much for nothing much in return. We'll see.

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