Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Laconic Women

I remember Zero Mostel, playing the slave Pseudolus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum movie by Richard Lester, got two great things for all his efforts. He got his freedom and the love of a great looking woman from the Island of Silent Women--the 'joke' of that, such as it was, being that a silent woman was so much more preferable to one who talked all the time.

I used to think that we patriarchy supporters had gotten over the idea that women talking was a bad thing, but some recent science fiction works have got me wondering if nothing much has changed. I'm thinking of the cute little Hispanic girl mutant in the pretty darn good Logan and the mostly mute Eleven in the recent series Stranger Things. I'm also willing to bet that Charlize Theron, the lead in Atomic Blonde, will have fewer lines than Clint Eastwood had in A Fistful of Dollars but perhaps more than Mel Gibson had in The Road Warrior.

So maybe we guys do all have a thing for laconic women.

Little worried that the silent ideal has passed from mature woman to particularly waif like child.

On a private note, I have finally discovered that Netflicks (congrats on making the transition from mailer of DVDs) and the other streaming video providers are a much better way to watch television. Also, it seems TV shows have improved a whole lot recently. I picked 7 series I had passed on but were highly recommended and all are available for binge watching. I binged Stranger Things on the 4th and enjoyed almost all of it.

Can't wait to binge watch Arrested Development and Black Mirror and Kettering Incident.

UPDATE: Actually Charlize was pretty chatty in Atomic Blonde.


We will discuss this next time I see you......
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