Thursday, June 08, 2017


Friedman Lies. That's All.

Although I don't read him because I have better things to do with my time, Bloodthirsty Liberal tipped me off that the latest title of a Tom Friedman piece, here, was an ironic lie itself. The title is "Trump Lies. China Thrives." So I checked for myself. First paragraph:

One of the many dangers posed to our society by having a president who’s a serial liar — and who doesn’t behave like an adult, let alone a president — is that we more easily ignore him even if he happens to say something true.
And then there is not a single thing identified by the big liar writing the piece which is a lie from Trump. Not. One. Thing.

Indeed, Mr. Friedman points out that Trump's complaints about China's lack of free trade with the US are probably too tame.

So if you're writing a piece that Trump is onto something, why the lie of a title and why the unsupported claim of lying at the beginning of the article?

The second irony is that Mr. Friedman is clearly aware of one danger in not telling the truth, namely, that it creates a lack of trust in the liar so that even true things that happen to escape the pie hole of the liar are not believed.

But I reached that lack of trust with Friedman decades ago, which is why I so rarely read him.

My only remaining question is this: Is Trump Derangement Syndrome so blinding most journalists that they can't see they are damaging themselves and the institutions which employ them, perhaps beyond repair?


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