Thursday, June 01, 2017


Delusion of the Day

This piece by Will Rahn, carrying the title: The Left is Winning, wins the award for the delusion of the day. Let's examine his facts and reasoning, if any. He writes:

In American politics, progressives are winning, and have been for some time.
Back on planet Earth, the facts are that the Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White House (and are poised to realign the Supreme Court to an Originalist majority). In the 50 states, Republicans hold 33 of 50 Governor mansions, and 67 of the 98 partisan state house/senates. Over 1000 seats in the federal and state executives and legislators have gone from Democrat to Republican during the Obama Administration. Since Trump was inaugurated, Democrats have lost every special election to replace the Republican Representatives moving into Cabinet positions (and I bet will lose the Georgia one later this month). Winning, as Charlie Sheen would say as he loses his job and ditches rehab.

For starters, let's look at who's winning the battle of ideas in the Democratic Party right now. As Ben Smith recently noted, the answer is the left faction surrounding Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the unapologetic progressives who demand single payer health care and a fundamental rethinking of the government's role in the economy.

Correct. Which is why the Democrats are and have been losing elections. They are too far to the left for the nation at large. Duh!

Then there was a lot of speciousness followed by this contradictory sentence:

The biggest caveat to all this is that Democrats can still manage to screw this all up. Facing a decidedly unfavorable Senate map in 2018, and so far unable to win any of the special elections this year, it's too much to say that that party's fortunes are yet on upswing.

So there is no upswing yet from the 8 years of losing but this is exactly how Democrats are winning-- by losing and not yet winning. In lefty logic, this makes perfect sense. Big Finish:

Still, it's hard to escape the sense that the left is on the verge of a big moment in this country, one not seen since at least the 1960s. It could all fizzle out for one reason or another. But right now, there aren't many reasons to think it will.

I could come up with a few, but why kick a guy when he's down. I have to say I've easily managed to escape the sense that the Democrats are about to come roaring back.


It was Clinton--the one who fought against Sanders policies tooth and nail, and was very specifically against things like single payer health care, and other socialist policies--who lost the election, but somehow it was Bernie Sanders and his policies that lost? Makes perfect sense. That's what you get when you pigeonhole reality into your childishly simplistic "red vs blue" narrative
I don't think I mentioned Bernie in this post at all. In the rest of the world, most nations have parliaments and multiple parties who all get some votes; and after the election, the parties form coalitions and the biggest coalition gets the majority status and selects a prime minister (by whatever name). Here in America, we have two parties (that matter) that have already formed coalitions and have within them various interest groups. Bernie did lose, to Hillary in the 'rigged against him" primaries. He would have lost to Trump as well because we're not ready for socialism (full socialism) here in America.

You sound awfully sure of that.
The wisdom experience gives one is the up-side of aging.
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