Friday, May 12, 2017


Saving This For Posterity

OK, there's not a lot to say about this piece in The Week, by Ryan Cooper, whoever that is, titled: How the Democrats Can Roar Back (although according to Cooper it's how they will roar back in 2018). I just wanted to mention it and link to it so I can laugh at him on November 7, 2018 (I hope).

Money quote:

The 2018 election is still 543 days away. But already, it seems clear that Democrats are poised to sweep Republicans out of power in the House. And if President Trump keeps up his tripartite trainwreck of monstrous policy, abuse of power, and addle-brained babbling, any sentient being with a D after their name should be able to stomp Trump in 2020.
(links omitted).

Although there is the puerile fake news name-calling too. He describes the Democrats' mistakes, which put them in their worst political position since the 1920s, as follows:

Democrats disastrously misread the state of the political terrain, and none more so than Barack Obama. Instead of seeing the obvious truth — that Republicans were increasingly nutty fanatics who hated his guts, and who win elections by basically cheating — he bent over backwards again and again to try to get Republican votes, and only narrowly avoided disaster.
Pure projection. At least the part not totally fiction is. But please, Democrats, take his advice of moving ever further to the left. None of this piddling centrist policy. Bold action is what's called for and "sweeping solutions." And remember, when ever and where ever you can, call the Republicans evil and stupid and clueless and cheaters and haters. That'll reverse your political losses, for sure.

If brains were dynamite, this guy couldn't blow his nose. But I do so enjoy being called evil and stupid by Democrats who are this century's biggest political losers and look to continue in their losing ways for a long time to come. (Although my party is not immune from making stupid moves). If we're so stupid and inept, how have we kicked Democrat ass so thoroughly for three of the past four election cycles? (Oh sorry, I forgot; we cheated, obviously).

Time will indeed tell, but I strongly suspect that it will tell us that Cooper couldn't predict the sun rise accurately.

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