Thursday, April 06, 2017


Vox Clamantis in Deserto

My second least favorite NYT regular columnist actually says something today that could be helpful to the Democrats at this low point in their party's existence. They'll ignore Nick Kristof, as they usually do.

The short version is: If we want to get more Democrats elected, we can't constantly insult those who aren't voting for us

Of course, Kristof backhand compliments us deplorable bigots left and right through the piece. When your Weltanshauung is that the people who don't vote for Democrats are indeed deplorable, evil, stupid, bigots, sometimes that underlying judgment leaks out. Like here.

Sure, there were racists and misogynists in their ranks, but that doesn't mean that every Trump voter was a white supremacist.
Wow, what a generous admission, and so not condescending at all! Of course the black people who voted for trump aren't white supremacists, and probably not the Hispanics, but everyone else, well...

To win over Trump voters isn't normalizing extremism but a strategy to counter it.

So Kristof does believe that everyone who voted for Trump is an extremist and that the left must use everything in their power (short of name-calling, of course) to reverse the recent voter trends.

[Trump] at least faked empathy for struggling workers.

And the imbeciles who voted for him were duped by his fake empathy, which deceit the wonderful, smart, good, Democrats could easily detect

So by all means stand up to Trump, point out that he's a charlatan...
Because of course Trump is just that and how he took in so many voters is a plain mystery to the elite, other than thinking the Trump voters were easily taken in, of course.

...and resist his initiatives. But remember that social progress means winning over voters in flyover country, and that it's difficult to recruit voters whom you simultaneously castigate as despicable, bigoted imbeciles.

Even though they clearly are just that.

Is there any concept out there that adding the word 'social' before it doesn't reduce to incoherence?

UPDATE: Steven Hayward at Powerline writes about the same opinion piece. He's enjoying the Democrats' plight way too much.

He quotes this 3 paragraph gem of a rebuttal from a Texas commenter on Kristof's piece:

A lot of people who voted for Trump didn’t like him. I am one of them. We considered the alternative, the Clintons, and disliked them more.
But it is now clear who the bigots are in this country. When you start referring to yourselves as “The Resistance,” the implication is clear. You view the other side as Nazis. It’s the same with calling those who reject the faith-based belief in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming “deniers.”
Democrats are verging on psychosis because they have been roundly rejected across the nation to an unprecedented degree. They need to get over themselves and start acting like loyal citizens again and respect the process. Power is not an entitlement. You have to earn it.

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