Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Improperly Named TV Shows

There are a few shows about cryptozoology but Bigfoot remains the king of the hidden animals on North America with several shows about him including Finding Bigfoot (now starting its 8th year on Animal Planet) and the new Killing Bigfoot.

I don't know for sure, but after 7 years of not actually finding Bigfoot shouldn't the show more properly be called:

Not Finding Bigfoot

I do believe there was a very large ape around a few million years ago in Asia called gigantopithecus. I also believe that there are species out there unknown to science. But I'm no longer an active believer in Bigfoot. Possible, but unlikely.

I also think that the long running zombie show ought to be called:

The Boring Dead

but perhaps that's just me.

And any show about ghosts ought to be called:

People Looking Around Suddenly and Asking: "Is That a Ghost?" For No Real Reason

Perhaps that's too long.


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