Tuesday, February 28, 2017


How the Oscar Picks Went

It wasn't my best night. But still I had a better go of it than Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway did. The actors are often high school or college drop-outs, but that hint of ignorance doesn't stop them from telling us how to live. Hollywood can't properly put on an awards show, but of course they know better than us about everything. I'm reminded of the philosopher Jonathan Edwards: "He can't even run his own life, I'll be damned if he'll run mine, sunshine."

Anyway, for a brief few minutes, I had guessed 9 out of the important 10 right. Still wonder if La La Land didn't really win. Here are the results: 15 right, 9 wrong. Behold. The wrong guesses are crossed out.

The big nine:

Best Picture-- LaLa Land Moonlight won, maybe.
Best Leading Man-- Denzel Washington (but it could just as easily be Casey Affleck) It was Affleck.
Best Leading Lady-- Emma Stone
Best Supporting Actor-- Mahershala Ali
Best Supporting Actress-- Viola Davis
Best Foreign Film-- The Salesman
Best Director-- Damien Chazelle
Best Screenplay, Original-- Manchester by the Sea
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- Moonlight

Easy calls:

Cinematography-- LaLa Land
Documentary-- OJ
Animated Feature-- Zootopia
Art Direction-- LaLa Land
Original Song-- City of Stars from LaLa Land
Film Editing-- LaLa Land
Sound Mixing-- LaLa Land
Visual Effects-- The Jungle Book
Score-- LaLa Land

Here are the not that easy rest:

Sound Editing-- Hacksaw Ridge (always go with the loudest movie in the sound mixing category--I mixed the two up and put La La Land where I should have put Hacksaw Ridge etc.
Costume Design-- Jackie It was Harry Potter's Great Uncle in America.
Makeup-- Star Trek Beyond I'm glad that the fairly terrible Suicide Squad won an Oscar.

Here are the next to impossible to call:

Animated Short-- Piper (but it could be any of them)
Live Short-- Timecode (but it could be any of them)
Documentary Short-- Joe's Violin (but it could be any of them)

At least I got one right regarding the shorts. Still couldn't care less.
Finally, I beat my mentor, Dave Miller, for the first time in a few years. We had only disagreed on one in the big ten.


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