Sunday, February 26, 2017


Confession of Addiction

OK, not only am I going to ever more Karaoke nights (and not just at the Czech bar), now I'm making my own Karaoke versions of the 30 or so great songs no one else has bothered to make. It's not particularly difficult for the computer savvy (which is not me), but it can be tedious. So far I have two done, the second slightly better than the first. You will know that I need an intervention when I start renting studio space to record the instruments, but not the lead voices, on songs I like. I'll keep you updated.

This is not yet a cry for help. I think Karaoke is no longer the hot new thing at bars and will decline in popularity and fade from the bar scene over the next decade or so. But to my knowledge, I have never gotten ahead of a social movement in my life. And at my age, being a cranky die-hard fits the profile.

Photo of travel blogger Dave and Japanese friends Karaokeing away. Nearly all Asian Karaoke is in private rooms. In America, you have to sing in front of strangers too.


I wouldn't call it an addiction, an obsession, maybe?
Potato, potato.
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