Thursday, January 26, 2017


Master of Lies

I'm going to examine closely an opinion piece by Nick Kristof which, for a change, is not nonsense about global warming or guns. Here is the piece in today's NTY.

First, a little history. Margaret Sanger, the lefty saint who started Planned Parenthood in order primarily to decrease the number of black babies being born in America, at least restricted her nefarious efforts to America. The Democrats, it seems, have more recently expanded them to Africa.

Also, the Mexico City Policy was first instituted by President Reagan in 1984 through executive order. The Mexico City Policy (the “Global Gag Rule”) required foreign NGOs to certify that they would not perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning using funds from any source as a condition for receiving U.S. funding. A highly debated issue, this policy was rescinded by President Clinton, reinstated by President Bush, and rescinded again by President Obama in January 2009. (All this according to the Kaiser Family Foundation). Now it's been reinstated by President Trump.

OK, let's get to Kristof's words of wisdom.

The most horrific chicanery involves Trump's new actions on women's health that will cause deaths around the globe....Trump this week signed an order that will cut off access to contraception to vast numbers of women, particularly in Africa. It will also curb access to cancer screenings and maybe even undermine vaccination campaigns and efforts against H.I.V. and the Zika virus. The upshot: Thousands of impoverished, vulnerable women will die.

None of that is true.

Here is the President's Memorandum on reinstating the Mexico City Policy in total. You will notice that it only addresses abortion and sterilization, specifically "coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization" and does not talk about ordinary contraception (condoms and IUDs, for example) in any way. President Trump's Memorandum refers to President Bush's reinstatement memorandum but here that is. It contains no provision whatsoever about ordinary contraception. A lot of lefty sites talk about some sort of subsequent expansion under Bush of the policy to include ordinary contraception. I can't find evidence of that anywhere; but I can say without fear of contradiction that nothing like that is contained in Trump's reinstatement or in any document it references. So there is no stopping of the U.S. supplying condoms, etc. and no stopping of U.S. funds for the NGOs that push for the use of condoms, etc. It's merely stopping American taxpayer money from being used to push or provide abortions as a method of family planning overseas.

So either Kristof is a liar or he has not read the document that has him all in a tizzy. I go with liar.

But here is the truth to refute Kristof's Fake News.

The Trump memorandum does not cut off access to contraception to vast numbers of women.
The Trump memorandum does not curb access to cancer screening.
The Trump memorandum will not undermine vaccination campaigns. (Lefties are actually doing that in America--haven't heard Nick complain about it).
The Trump memorandum will not undermine efforts against H.I.V.
The Trump memorandum will not undermine efforts against the Zika virus.

It's all lies from Kristof.

Let's push on to the animus underlying the left's desire to curtail births in Africa.

What are we doing pushing abortions in Africa?

What are the NGOs who are willing to forego their work for actual better women's health doing refusing to take federal money rather than give up providing abortions or advocating their use as a method of family planning? Are these groups, like International Planned Parenthood and the Maria Stopes outfit mentioned by Kristof, so enamored of abortion as a method of family planning that they are willing to forego what they call necessary funds rather than give up providing abortions or pushing their use? If the latter, then any African deaths from their reduced services falls squarely on the leadership of those organization and not on our President.

And if the latter is the case, then the decaying corpse of Margaret Sanger is smiling in her grave and racism on the left--the continued antipathy of the American left to black babies--is revealed once again.

UPDATE: Friend on the left Tony, finally got it through my thick skull that the "expansion" was that Bush's reinstatement only was for NGOs and Trump's reinstatement was for "all departments or agencies." Apparently that's a huge difference. But all any entity, that wants or needs American dollars to function fully, needs to do to get that money is not provide abortions or promote abortions as a form of family planning. If the department or agency not a "nongovernmental organization" can't let go of abortion, I still put the loss of revenue on them. I don't actually blame people for deaths they don't directly cause, as Kristof and Tony apparently do when it involves a Republican, but I can blame the actions of the department or agency holding on to abortion for the loss of American dollars under Republican policy not to support abortion with taxpayer money. The left only sees Republican responsibility.


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