Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Looking Favorably at Street Protests

Some on the left are very pleased with the street demonstrations against Trump and his policies and executive orders.

I'm glad too.

But I have an advantage. I was politically cognizant in the late '60s and early '70s and I know what the likely result of years of constantly whining in public with a lot of drama and dress-up will be.

6 straight years of demonstrations en masse led to this: The election of Richard Nixon, 520 electoral votes to McGovern's 17.

So get out there lefties. Let the world see your indignation and righteousness. Something as serious a threat as Donald Trump as president calls for drastic measures and conduct beyond the pale. Turn it up to 11. Speak Truth to Power. Power to the People!


I don't mind protests, the masses of citizens marching down the street (after obtaining a permit, thank you very much, so that traffic can be re-routed.)

But when the black-masked violence perpetrators show up and break windows and fire cars and destroy property and toss rocks, bottles and other harmful material at the police, it's time to bring out the posse* and paddy wagon them, charge them and nail their asses to the nearest jail wall & keep them there for >6 months or more. I am so sick of police being directed to stand by and allow private property destruction for fear of, what? that the protest will escalate? It already has. This crap has to stop. Before private citizens begin protecting their own lives and property.

* and I really mean posse. Bring in the sheriff to help with crowd control. I was a volunteer "protester" to help our Larimer County [all volunteer] mounted posse train for crowd control and the experience was enlightening. When they align themselves in a moving wedge, no one is going to stand against them. It was actually very cool to see.
I remember in 1972 the sheriffs from Santa Clara county moving in a phalanx to drive protesters from in front of a building with classes in it, when the protest was something about Vietnam. The protesters were wussies. People could go to class thanks to the sheriffs. What was the point of preventing them from going to class?

The estimable "Jack Dunphy" agrees with me -- I love being right!


"But when a situation has already escalated to the point of vandalism, when it has already escalated to the point of physical assaults on helpless innocents, police have a duty to intervene and bring the lawless conduct to a halt."

"The people being assaulted and the owners of the property being destroyed had a right to expect the police to intervene and not be spectators to the lawlessness."

"I have no doubt that most of the officers under Chief Bennett’s command that night were ready, able, and indeed eager to engage the anarchists who turned a peaceful protest into a riot. It’s a shame that they were so poorly led."

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