Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I just wanted to reach out to my friends on the left and congratulate them on their instant opposition, even resistance, to the nearly week old Trump Administration and encourage them to continue doing just what they have been doing.

Your name calling, threats, protests, marches and general participation in the modern version of two minutes hate have been wonderfully enlightening; and surely these all must be convincing the Trump supporters and fellow travelers of the errors of their ways and choices.

I urge you not only to keep it up, but to double down, expand your efforts, and protest even the most minute of Trump's faux pas and caddishness. People love it when you incessantly dwell on the paltry and inconsequential with such passion and vigor. It's such a rush.

Here is a fine example of what I'm talking about. Who among us won't carry to the grave this memory of Trump walking in front of the First Lady?

More of these, please.


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