Sunday, January 01, 2017


Democrat Slogans

Say what you will about the intellectual ugliness of most posts at Slate, at least Lefties feel safe enough there to say what they really feel. And it is ugly. Take this for example. Money quote:

After Trump’s election, it is more or less impossible to believe that we are making meaningful progress. White liberals who woke up horrified on Nov. 9 weren’t horrified because the world had suddenly changed—we were horrified because the scales had finally fallen from our eyes, and we could at least see our unjust, racist, sexist country for what it is.
I'm no expert at politics, but I continue to think that the election slogan "Vote for us you unjust racist women haters" is not going to be very effective. So keep it up, L.V. Anderson and all of your ilk. You're doing great. Truth to Power! Hate the haters! Power to the people!

Maybe in 8 years there will be another thousand Democrats no longer in elected office.


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