Friday, December 09, 2016


Meme Du Jour

It's difficult for right minded citizens to keep up with the new talking points of the left in America. They come at you out of the blue and you're only vaguely aware of what the latest one even means before the new one arrives. But on the left side of the political divide, it's as if they took a class in it. Not only are the progressive types well versed in the new meme, they are passionate about it. It's like they all just attended a pep rally on the subject. Mindboggling.

Just when I think I've got a handle on "alt-right" (it means "jerk" or "poopyhead"), out comes Fake News. We on the right all think we know what fake news is, but obviously we're wrong. It does not mean the typed-on-a-computer-using-Times-New-Roman-font-with-Word-default-settings, 1960s memos from the Texas Air National Guard commander of President Bush (son). It does not mean the false stories of Janet Cook, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass or Sabrina Erdely. It does not mean the falsely edited George Zimmerman 911 call, or the falsely edited questioning of gun nuts by Katie Couric or even Walter Duranty pretending Stalin did not purposefully starve over a million Ukrainians in the '30s.

I personally think it means silly conspiracy theories on the internet which are believed only by the truly gullible, which, fortunately, are not that many--too many perhaps, but most of them don't vote. To the left, however, it is silly conspiracy theories on the internet written by right wing jerks (probably members of the alt-right). There apparently are no silly conspiracy theories on the internet written by lefties. It's all Republicans, only Republicans, completely and exclusively Republicans doing it.

So, now you know.

In a couple of more days, there may well be a new lefty meme to ponder. I'll do my best to find and interpret it. It would be a lot easier if my lefty friends would invite me to the seminar/pep rallies for the next new meme.


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