Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Thoughts on Political Boycots

A lot of people think the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech means that you can't be fired by your non-governmental employer or even criticized by fellow citizens for voicing unpopular opinions. But all the 1st A does is protect you from government repercussions for saying unpopular things. If you say something really vile, even if it's your true opinion, I can say something back to you. That's my 1st A right of free speech. Or I can choose not to associate with you again; that's another 1st A guarantee of the freedom we have to associate (or not to associate).

So what to do about these people I have liked who have been real smeg heads about the recent election? The guys who have been hateful, I will hate (I know that's a sin). The businesses and entrepreneurs and artists who have chosen to insult me gratuitously, I will avoid in the future.

That has a cost to me, of former friends, of formerly enjoyed entertainment and products. But if they don't get a push back, there's no chance of their amending their horrible ways. I'll take the hit of non-association in the hope of making the avoided better. I don't think that is a sin.


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