Thursday, October 13, 2016


White Privilege

 I believe there indeed is a thing called "White Privilege" here in America and in Europe. I just use a different word for it than privilege.

I call it achievement.


I was thinking recently about the status of Native Americans (a/k/a Indians) when Europeans landed and settled here. Dunno what got my thoughts onto that topic, but....

No wheel. No metallurgy. No mining. No advancement in weaponry. No science. Witch doctoring v actual & proven medical knowledge & treatment. IIRC, the only tribe(s) that created an organized governmental association were the Iroquois (but I may be wrong on that one.)

The cruelest thing that we "oppressive" white people did to the Indians was to segregate them on reservations, thus relegating them to their own tribal resources and depriving them for a long time of the benefits flowing from "white privilege."

So far as I'm aware and notwithstanding fairly recent tribal reliance on extraction industries and gaming, the Cherokee are the only tribe to undertake real diversified business strategies (a/k/a "achievement").

Absent the incursions by Columbus et al., Indians could be still living a subsistence lifestyle. They should celebrate Columbus Day!

Well the diseases were no gift, but all the tasty domesticated animals were. And the reason they didn't have anything to domesticate but turkeys and dogs was because they killed every thing they could have domesticated and all the megafauna too. Tribal, stone age people in north america in very late 16th C. is not something I would celebrate. The Aztecs were pure evil but did have copper and bronze tools near the end.
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