Thursday, October 13, 2016


Instantly Recognizable Sounds

Here is a partial list of sources of sounds that, once you hear them, you don't or can't forget them and you recognize them right away when you hear them again. Some are good sounds and some are not.

A baseball hit for a home run.

A human cranium hit by a police baton with force.

Large ocean waves crashing onto a beach.

A dental drill encountering tooth enamel.

A bullet striking flesh.

A woman really enjoying sex.

The blades of a helicopter in flight.

A pump shotgun cycling the fired round out and the live round in.

The needle of a record player skating over the tops of the grooves in the record.

Shoveled dirt hitting the top of a casket at the bottom of a standard grave.

There certainly are others.


#6 - objection, hearsay
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