Friday, September 16, 2016



That German word is known to a lot of people but not enough. It means, literally, 'clean of Jews' or more precisely 'free of Jews' in English. It was the main tenant of the Nazi party and it was made permanently real starting when Germany began to lose the war. The plan was to make the Greater Reich free of Jews, literally, by murdering them all. The Nazis got about half way there.

 I bring this up because, whether they know it or not, those lefty people calling Jews living in the West Bank "illegal" are in a very real sense supporting the idea that the West Bank should be Judenrein. How's it feel to be Nazi fellow travelers*, morons?

Maybe you are not morons but are merely horribly ignorant of history. One way to tell this ignorance is to see what they call the West Bank (formerly Jordan and before that Ottoman Empire). If they call it Palestine, they don't know very much about the subject.

*classical reference


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